How To Keep Your Nail Style Longer?

To be attractive, making up your fingernails seems to be serious becides a perfect hairstyle and make up. The basic work is to trim. But also, color must match your dress, hairstyle, the overall look. But no matter how beautiful the style you made, your nail surface get mottled and no longer shiny in few days. Here we invited Jane Park the founder of Julep, to tell us how to keep the effect on nail surface longer.

Indispensable Nutritional base coat

Base coat is very usfull to keep your nails from getting contaminated by nail colors. So use base coat every time you do nail art even when you don't want to clean and polish nail surface. base coat can cover oil on nail surface and make nail color more beautiful and lasts longer.

Forbid any gaps

Jane Park suggests that seal any possible gaps between nail and eponychium. When you paint nails, paint tips first and then the lunula. Don't paint the eponychium or to too far away from eponuchium. Water can enter from the gap.

Don't oven dry

Saperate the five fingers and shake hand. This is a good way to let it dry. Remember, heating cause irregularity.

Fully dry

Please wait 5 minutes patiently untill next step. There will be brush print if it's not dry fully.

When X-men got nailed

Hey girls!

X-men are always busy. aren't they?

They are heroes that saved the world.That's why I love them and so do you. But you never know that they love nail art too! Can't believe it? Oh men, every one got his or her own hobby —— so do us —— Even though he is a busy guy.

Want to know which X-men got nailed? Check photos below:)

(Enjoy the news, I gotta shower and go to bed.)




PSY – Gangnam Style Nail Art

This has been a fermenting idea since i was inspired by PSY Gangnam style.











Today I release this nail art tutorial and hope you like it.


Step 1. Clean and trim your fingernails. Apply base coat and let dry. Paint with different nail colors in French style like this.











Step 2. Paint Nude color in such shape:











Step 3. Use pointed brush, make 2 thick dots in position of PSY'd glasses. Use toothpick, expand the thick dots into shape of glasses.











Step 4. That would it be like this when all fingers are done.












Step 5. Paint PSY's mouth with red polish.













Pretty Mosaic Nails












Had any body had this mosaic design in nail salon? Maybe your nail artist know how to do this. But I’m here today to teach you how to make this design by yourself just at home!

It’s complicated hon? But it’s actually not! You just need 5 steps, and no need to use water nail decal:

  1. The first color you will have is white. Paint nails with white polish as usual.
  2. The second step is to make black grids.
  3. Fill the cell randomly  with different colors: Yellow, pink, orange, purple, blue, green, red. The cell doesn’t need to be filled accurately square, because grids will cover the redundant part in next step.
  4. Draw the grids again to fix the cell to be square.
  5. Apply topcoat.

Very easy, isn’t it?



Converse Nails – Make each of your fingernails look like sneakers


Anyone wear Converse ? The famous shoe brand in the world, it never gets out of fashion in decades since it was launched. Now, we present a novelty. The nails are inspirational to sneakers. Learn how to make this ornament in the following tutorial.

The thing you need: White polish, Colorful polish, Black polish.

How to make it:

  1. Paint with Colorful polish –  You can simply use one color or more colors. Wait 10 minutes to dry
  2. Using white polish, paint the tips of each fingernail to make white French style.Soon after, it shows the cardinal appearance of sneakers.   — Let’s continue —
  3. You can dry it for another 10 minutes.
  4. Use clean brush, make dots with black polish
  5. Finally, use a black polish to make a thin band on French.


PS: Dry faster, try to apply top coat to have better result.

Lace Nail Art Water Decal


Today I’m going to introduce you guys a nail decal that I love so much.

It has kept on my fingernail for 10 days!  It might be the first time that I have a decal on my nail for so long time.

Of course I used OPI top coat. That’s maybe the reason. (I’m not advertising, forgive me, maybe it’s because of the water decal itself).

This design is very simple but makes my nails look pretty nice.

0u9tls3t 66j45vua ev9q10ok

Here is the link :


Mint Chocolate Chip nail art










Hi everyone! On the blog I have swatches and a review of this polish by Lumina Lacquer. And because I love it so much I decided to add some freehand abstract designs. I really don’t know what to call this, so apologies for my lame description.

Sweet candy nail













Have you ever imagine nails can be sweet candy so that you can lick it wherever you go.

I did dream about it when I was a child.

Now I can make it a truth.

Can’t believe?

Believe or not, it’s sweet ! Very sweet!