Greece mosaic wave(Nail Art)

Do you ever feel like that there much to to but you don’t have enough time?I really do feel like that. That’s most of us do in very late night. I feel that may not go ahead, but I decided to go ahead with new posts! I would feel 100 times worse if I get so late. So, today’s post is Greece mosaic wave(Nail Art). We’re on Ancient Greece now.

Mosaic Nail art Design

This is my nail art design.

This is a Greek wave mosaic. Like the Greek fret, the ocean-like wave pattern was very Normal. Another normal thing in Ancient Greek art was the pebble like mosaic. It was something the Greeks pretty much prefered.

I used a base and then made the waves with amio Read nail polish . As soon as the waves were completed I layered cyan sequins over the nails, using top coat to attach them when my back color dried. This is a design that will take some time as each sequin has to be added one by one so that they touch each other or even overlap a little.

Things you need to note in winter:

  • The heat causes bubble on nail polish as it dries
  • The heat slows dry time, don’t get away with rushing to add a second coat.
  • Don’t  leave a fan too close while your are doing nails. Or, the polish would dry out quickly on the brush. And it turned thick and tacky.
  • The heat sometimes swell my fingers, which means I’m not as skilful as I need to be for both painting my nails and for taking pictures … especially for taking pictures.