How To Keep Your Nail Style Longer?

To be attractive, making up your fingernails seems to be serious becides a perfect hairstyle and make up. The basic work is to trim. But also, color must match your dress, hairstyle, the overall look. But no matter how beautiful the style you made, your nail surface get mottled and no longer shiny in few days. Here we invited Jane Park the founder of Julep, to tell us how to keep the effect on nail surface longer.

Indispensable Nutritional base coat

Base coat is very usfull to keep your nails from getting contaminated by nail colors. So use base coat every time you do nail art even when you don't want to clean and polish nail surface. base coat can cover oil on nail surface and make nail color more beautiful and lasts longer.

Forbid any gaps

Jane Park suggests that seal any possible gaps between nail and eponychium. When you paint nails, paint tips first and then the lunula. Don't paint the eponychium or to too far away from eponuchium. Water can enter from the gap.

Don't oven dry

Saperate the five fingers and shake hand. This is a good way to let it dry. Remember, heating cause irregularity.

Fully dry

Please wait 5 minutes patiently untill next step. There will be brush print if it's not dry fully.