[Tutorial] Stenciled Star Nails

Stars Nail

What you need?

  • Painters tape.
  • A small star shaped hole punch (or other shape of your choice)
  • Wax paper
  • A makeup sponge


Start by sticking a strip of your tape to wax paper. Using your hole punch, punch a bunch of stars into the tape, leaving some space between them.

Using the wax paper is a tip that was actually bestowed upon me by my roommate’s man! I was trying to punch the tape by itself, and it kept sticking to my hole punch. I was getting really annoyed. He suggested sticking it to the paper, which allows you to punch freely and easily and then just peel it off later! So you all can thank Taylor for that bit of genius!


Once you have enough stars punched to cover a nail, peel the tape off of the wax paper. Go very slowly, or the wax paper will rip where the punches were made.

Place the tape over a completely dry painted nail. This is important, as you have to push the painters tape on very firmly to assure a clean edge.



Once your tape is secure, grab your makeup sponge and sponge two colors on over the tape. If you need help with this step. You can repeat the sponging more than once if necessary (I went with twice). Slowly peel the tape off and revel in your stenciled design!

I found that I got best results using a different punched piece of tape for every nail. It’s kind of a pain, but helps keep things clean and crisp.

This is a great full nail design option for those of you that don’t feel comfortable freehanding and who don’t own a stamping set.
The base here is OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. The red is OPI The Color of Minnie, and the blue is China Glaze Splish Splash.

I think my thumb looks the cleanest. By the time I was ready to do my thumbnail, I had really gotten comfortable in the technique. Don’t forget, you need to push the painter’s tape down HARD for the cleanest edges!













This manicure looks mega eye catching from far away. Full nail pattern? Check. Gradient? Check. Sarah loves it? Check.

I can’t wait to debut these at our BBQ today!

The cool thing about this technique is that you could also get a heart shaped hole punch, or a diamond, or whatever! The possibilities, the possibilities…

Greece mosaic wave(Nail Art)

Do you ever feel like that there much to to but you don’t have enough time?I really do feel like that. That’s most of us do in very late night. I feel that may not go ahead, but I decided to go ahead with new posts! I would feel 100 times worse if I get so late. So, today’s post is Greece mosaic wave(Nail Art). We’re on Ancient Greece now.

Mosaic Nail art Design

This is my nail art design.

This is a Greek wave mosaic. Like the Greek fret, the ocean-like wave pattern was very Normal. Another normal thing in Ancient Greek art was the pebble like mosaic. It was something the Greeks pretty much prefered.

I used a base and then made the waves with amio Read nail polish . As soon as the waves were completed I layered cyan sequins over the nails, using top coat to attach them when my back color dried. This is a design that will take some time as each sequin has to be added one by one so that they touch each other or even overlap a little.

Things you need to note in winter:

  • The heat causes bubble on nail polish as it dries
  • The heat slows dry time, don’t get away with rushing to add a second coat.
  • Don’t  leave a fan too close while your are doing nails. Or, the polish would dry out quickly on the brush. And it turned thick and tacky.
  • The heat sometimes swell my fingers, which means I’m not as skilful as I need to be for both painting my nails and for taking pictures … especially for taking pictures.

How to use water decal?

Step1. Paint your fingernail/toenail and let the nail color dry.









Step2. Cut the pattern from the decal sheet you bought. Plunge it into water 10~30 seconds.









Step3. As the pattern turned movable on the paper sheet, slide it to your fingernail.









Step4. Dry the nails with tissue.









Step5. Apply top coat to protect it.









How to Remove?

You can use nail polish remover.

If your nail polish is peelable, just peel off directly.