Pretty Mosaic Nails












Had any body had this mosaic design in nail salon? Maybe your nail artist know how to do this. But I’m here today to teach you how to make this design by yourself just at home!

It’s complicated hon? But it’s actually not! You just need 5 steps, and no need to use water nail decal:

  1. The first color you will have is white. Paint nails with white polish as usual.
  2. The second step is to make black grids.
  3. Fill the cell randomly  with different colors: Yellow, pink, orange, purple, blue, green, red. The cell doesn’t need to be filled accurately square, because grids will cover the redundant part in next step.
  4. Draw the grids again to fix the cell to be square.
  5. Apply topcoat.

Very easy, isn’t it?



Converse Nails – Make each of your fingernails look like sneakers


Anyone wear Converse ? The famous shoe brand in the world, it never gets out of fashion in decades since it was launched. Now, we present a novelty. The nails are inspirational to sneakers. Learn how to make this ornament in the following tutorial.

The thing you need: White polish, Colorful polish, Black polish.

How to make it:

  1. Paint with Colorful polish –  You can simply use one color or more colors. Wait 10 minutes to dry
  2. Using white polish, paint the tips of each fingernail to make white French style.Soon after, it shows the cardinal appearance of sneakers.   — Let’s continue —
  3. You can dry it for another 10 minutes.
  4. Use clean brush, make dots with black polish
  5. Finally, use a black polish to make a thin band on French.


PS: Dry faster, try to apply top coat to have better result.

How to use water decal?

Step1. Paint your fingernail/toenail and let the nail color dry.









Step2. Cut the pattern from the decal sheet you bought. Plunge it into water 10~30 seconds.









Step3. As the pattern turned movable on the paper sheet, slide it to your fingernail.









Step4. Dry the nails with tissue.









Step5. Apply top coat to protect it.









How to Remove?

You can use nail polish remover.

If your nail polish is peelable, just peel off directly.